Horse Checks

Order horse themed personal checks online in a variety of styles. Giddyup and get your eyes up and heels down every time you write a check! From photos and drawings of horses in a variety of settings, to cowboy, cowgirl, equestrian/dressage, and other western scenes and themes, we've got the perfect check design for anybody who loves horses and horse riding.

Checkbook covers and return address labels are also available to match most of our horse check designs.

Equine Love Checks

4 alternating images of two affectionate horses.

Horses Seeing Eye to Eye Personal Checks

These mystical creatures have captured the hearts of many. You can express your special bond with them with this set of personal checks. In four rotating images you will be able to enjoy the intimate portraits of four beautiful horses. Colors of golden yellow, chocolate brown, and deep black make this a striking bank set that is sure to impress.

Horse on a Misty Morning Personal Checks

4 photos of a horse standing at a barbed wire fence on a frosty winter morning.

Horses at Sunset Checks

Riding into the sun...

Nilles Pony Personal Checks

Sunrise Horses Checks

Images of Horseback riding as the sun rises over the sea or the grasses. From beach riding to actually swimming in the sea, this is a nice overview of horses as well as sunrises and combines both beautifully.

Sunset Horses Personal Checks
Sunset Horses Personal Checks
Silhouettes of horses and riders are featured on these Sunset Horses Personal Checks. Humans began domesticating horses over 6,000 years ago. Most horses are now domesticated but a few wild or feral populations still exist. The only true wild horse left is the Przewalski's Horse native to China and Mongolia. All other 'wild' populations are descended from domesticated horses.

Horse Country Checks
Horse Country Checks
Muted tones of sepia and gorgeous images of horses adorn these Horse Country checks. If you love horses, these personal checks deliver four serene designs of horses in their natural setting.

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